Southgate Indiana

While taking a drive through Franklin County Indiana on Saturday, December 2nd, we happened upon a couple of interesting structures at Rt 1 and St.Peter’s Rd.

The structure that initially caught our eye was a brick home, a federal/salt box mashup, it seemed.

Interestingly, the home boasted 2 front doors. They weren’t centered as seem to be the most common placement of dual front doors. The home didn’t appear to be a 2 family and one door was clearly more “formal” than the other.

I’m researching the 2 front door issue, it seems that there are multiple theories as to why 2 doors were utilized. From ventilation to emergency escape, they all seem somewhat plausible. However, with these 2 front doors I like the idea that one was formal, used on Sundays and for company, and the other more for “every day” use. The formal one appears to have had side lights originally (unfortunately replaced with some hideous glass block).

There weren’t any exterior chimneys/fireplaces, but there were what appeared to have been flues. There was one chimney in the posterior “kitchen” area.

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